Volt Entertainment is a diverse company. Anyone can play loud music and shine lights all over the place. It is our goal to be strategic with our music so that we can fill any void in time. The correct music genera, and level for dinners, the hottest music based on culture, the best top 40 based on genera, and of course, the special requests made by the bride, groom, wedding party and family. Playing the right music at the right time is a skill that is developed over a DJ’s Career. Understanding how to build the room from a serene dinner party, to a fully packed dance floor nightclub is the language of the trained DJ.

Specialty Wedding Projects

When Volt Entertainment builds your event we get involved. We have traveled as far away as Calgary Alberta to meet clients specialty needs. Weddings in castles, or outdoors are created with the same research skills and techniques with lighting and music. Building the atmosphere to the requested vision is a skill that is built over time and guided by vision.


If the old top hat and tails is where you want to recreate your event then Volt Entertainment will assist you in reaching your goal. As professional DJ’s we spend a great deal of time researching a wide variety of music styles and generations. One of our strengths is to create a moment in time with music along with lighting.

Ballroom Weddings

Elegance is not only a description word for the way something looks; at Volt Entertainment elegance can be created into a atmosphere. Guests can be intrigued and stimulated by soft glows of uplighting and music that matches the mood. Comfort, creative, and caressing can describe the elegant atmosphere that can be created for your event.