Meet the DJs

Volt Entertainment & Festival Freightways DJ’s can be described in a few short words:

  • Classy
  • Talented
  • Smart
  • Attentive
  • Educated
  • Confident
  • Fun
  • And most importantly
  • Creative

Each individual event is like our first and our last. We constantly go over show information; “what songs do we need? What is the itinerary?Arewe the MC or do they have an MC?Where is our back up files? Are all the DMX lights prepped? Are the bride and groom on schedule? Do they need assistance with the itinerary? Are the guests getting there music needs met? ETC.” These are some of the many points that we keep in our constant thoughts to make sure your party is as you envision it, or better; these are the DJ’s of Voltentertainment & Festival Freightway’s.