Indoor or outdoor


We have performed intricate lighting and audio sets in the most unlikely of places. In cabins on islands, in curling clubs, barns, garages, and are every day venues such as legions, ball rooms, and convention centers. Diversity being one of our greatest assets allows us to integrate our inventory of lighting and trussing to meet the needs of any room. We always take a look at our venue usually weeks in advance to plan out our trussing, power options, and lighting. This way when we arrive at the venue our complex system is in position, and tested for your event leaving no surprises.


Volt Entertainment & Festival Freightways realizes that not every need for entertainment will be indoors. To deal with this we have developed lighting and audio shows that can deal with natures grumpiest of days; even if the clouds are overhead Volt Entertainment will deliver the sun in it’s bright performance. No weather interruptions, no power interruptions, now if we can just keep the in-laws under control.